Sn-Appy Review: TowIt App

Crowdsourcing: TowIt App

(Available on iTunes & Android

Purpose:  Report on illegally parked cars or just plain old bad driving. This app lets the city know.


Store ratings:

iTunes: 4

Android: 3.7


Exicon’s Comments:


  • Great UI. Just take a photo, note the license plate number, and click the button “TowIt”.
  • Secure and accurate. Must use the app for photo submission - won't let you to access your personal photos to submit - which ensures correct location and timestamp.
  • Good/workable community service tool.



  • TowIt is not a towing system. What it does is submit the violation to local authorities. 
    • Integration with local police enforcement will take time - don't expect it soon.
  • You must set up an account with an id/pw and cannot sign in via Google or Facebook. 

Overall comment:

Despite its name, TowIt doesn’t actually ensure that cars get towed. But using the app will help lobby your local gvmt to partner up and eventually enact this change.

...Just know that clicking the "TowIt" button won’t get your neighbor’s car towed...yet.


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