The EasyJet app helps you with everything about flights

Airline app to manage your flights easily




Manage your flights all from the palm of your hand.


Why we love it:

  1. Nice and clear layout with cool animation and fresh colors which clearly shows the provided services

  2. Saves you time with a few, well-chosen clicks

  3. Check-in within a minute using your phone 

  4. The app will generate a QR code for your seats instead of a physical boarding card

  5. Scan your phone at the boarding gate

  6. Book, pay and change your flights (as well as a number of other services) easy peasy!

  7. The flight tracker alerts will also make sure you don't miss your flight

  8. Latest news You'll be able to stay up-to-date with gate changes and other news. 

The easiest flight management tool ever, we loved it, the whole process was effortless - from door to door. We just wish they were a bit more global so we had more excuse to use the app when traveling! 

What they claim to do:

  1. Book, track & manage flights

  2. Mobile check-in, boarding passes



Ratings: Google Play: ★★★★½     iTunes: ★★★★★


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Source: EasyJet

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