The Shopwell app helps you cater for your dietary needs.

Healthcare app for a smarter way to shop healthily


Make sure the items that you're buying fit your dietary needs or allergies (i.e. gluten, sulfites etc) or if there are smarter alternatives.


Why we love it:

  1. Once you've set up whatever foodstuffs you are trying to avoid (20 categories) the app takes care of preventing you eating the wrong stuff simply by scanning your food labels. 

  2. Knowing where to buy the healthier alternative is great. Although we aren't sure which markets it is available in so 

  3. This personal nutritionist gives us the tools we need to track and monitor the right food for our diet. And the ability to tell us which stores have it in stock saves us time and money. 



What they claim to do:

  1. Set a profile and scan products in-store or at home which outputs the product’s nutritional profile, telling you whether or not that product is the right choice for you.

  2. Scanning the product summarizes the good and the bad in the product - ingredients are listed in green and red so it’s easy to follow.

  3. Products link to an area-wide store finder to tell you who has it in stock.

  4. Monitors weight, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and IBS with tips to help you stay on track.


Ratings: Google Play: ★★★    iTunes: ★★★★½


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Source: Shopwell

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