The Tesco app lets you do grocery shopping anytime

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Retail app for your groceries


Do your grocery shopping easily from your mobile phone.


Why we love it:

  1. We love the fact that you can snap a photo before you throw away the item bottle/can whatever and the item's now in your list. Or that you can be at a mate's house knowing you'll never remember the wine you are drinking - snap, add it to your basket immediately.

  2. Scan the product barcode with the scanner which shows you the product details and you can add it into your cart. And done!

  3. You can also choose delivery timeslots that actually work for you rather than having your ice cream melting on the doorstep. 

  4. Buy with 1 click


The Tesco grocery app is great for anyone (well anyone who knows who Tesco is) and it has managed to find a way to pull together all the different ways you make shopping decisions (you've run out, you've been inspired, what you previously bought, the ingredients for the recipe you want to do etc) so you don't even need a shopping list.  

What they claim to do:

  1. Make your shopping easier and faster, snap a photo of an item and it gets added to your Tesco's cart 

  2. Shop quickly from your Favourites, no need to search for items you buy regularly;

  3. Select from recipe suggestions, and the ingredients are added straight to your basket;

  4. Check out product details on items you aren't familiar with by just snapping the barcode.

Ratings: iTunes: ★★★★½

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Source: Tesco

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