6 key mobile app objectives

Set your objectives

People often have a very clear idea of exactly the kind of features that they would like to include in their mobile app. They ask questions like, "how to build my first mobile app" or "how to build an app like Uber?" However, one thing that they are often not quite as clear about is why they are building the app in the first place.

Without knowing why you are building an app it is difficult to assess whether the features will actually help meet those objectives or even if they have been successful.

So, why do companies build mobile apps?

This is the key first step when you are defining your app.

1. Awareness – Getting your brand or product known
Measures can include number of app downloads, how many sessions each user has, how many pages views that have or brand recognition (if your company tracks this.

2. Productivity – Possibly saving people time or reducing the workforce required or reducing complexity in a system
Measures can include the number of active users, number of sessions, estimated saving per hour and the average cost per hour. 

3. Communication – This depends upon what and to/with whom you are trying to communicate
Measures can include the number of active users, how often they open the app, which pages they visit, how often they send or receive messages among target groups, what types of messages or even what time they are sending messages.

4. Interaction (Engagement) – Are your users doing what you wanted them to do?
Measures include how many users are active, how often do they use the app or how long do they stay. Additionally do they perform the action that you envisaged e.g. upload photographs, chat, buy, share etc?

5. Loyalty – Similar to Engagement but you may want to measure specific loyalty program components
Measures may include members registered, new members signed up, sessions, points earned or redeemed.

6. mCommerce – Sales, sales sales
Measures may include average number of purchases, purchase size, total sales.

Once you’ve decided which app objectives you want to achieve you’ll be ready to start defining who your target audience is before starting to think about the actual app features. 

All of this information will be hugely beneficial internally but also for communicating with your mobile app development company or in-house developers.

Building an app doesn't happen overnight, but as long as you keep these tips in mind, I can guarantee that your planning process will be easier. If you need help on how to get started or finding a developer, book a call with us. We provide consulting, marketing and UX services for customers to ensure they succeed in mobile.

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