6 Key Objectives behind Mobile Workflow Management

1. Anyone should be able to build an app

Whether for your smartphone, watch, glasses and or even building a "bot" in a chat client, organizations need a federated approach and the autonomy to building applications or bots to support their business objectives. 


Demand for apps come from people with a need for their users e.g. HR for employees, Warehousing for supplier deliveries, product managers for customers. These people also know best what their users are likely to want and will do a much better job of the mobile app definition. 

But they need guidance on price, defining an app, choosing a developer, choosing embedded services, where to distribute, how to drive mobile engagement etc

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2. Good UX and quality code with the right developers so you can scale

You need the right developers to build your apps for a 4" mobile screen or a 1" watch, for banking vs cars, for French vs Swahili. You need to make sure your developers are the top mobile developers qualified to do what you need. 

What’s more, the code base should support rapid feature enhancements, changes as needed, all while supporting scale. 

And don’t forget that successful apps are really dependent upon a great user experience, which in a mobile context is more complicated as you need to add the dimensions of space and time. 

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3. Security and Consistency

How can you ensure that you are using great technology, while not reinventing the wheel, or taking crazy risks with your brand or data? How do you communicate this knowledge to those building apps across your organisation?

Selection and standardisation around key API's and SDKs is hugely beneficial for any organization. Preparing the tool sets for the relevant platforms for your teams to share with their selected app developers not only saves time and development budget, but it also ensures consistency in

  • security
  • user and data protection
  • branding
  • analytics of mobile

It's like sharing the common vision, language, culture or messenger. 


4. Access to your app meta data

There are huge time-savings to be made by having all the relevant content available in one place. It might include the following:-

  • software code and versions of that code
  • marketing collateral
  • analytics

Additionally your risks are reduced by consolidating the data, metadata, API keys etc, rather than storing it all on easily lost or damaged hard drives. 

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5. Discoverability and Engagement for your app

Now you've built your apps the real challenge is getting people to find them among the other 3+M apps out there and then ensuring they get used.

Getting them onto your webpages, on appstores, discovery and recommendation websites, as well as embedded in marketing collateral, are key activities to driving downloads.

Once downloaded, to ensure that the apps get used you will want to track what’s happening in your apps, driving engagement through messaging and promotions, testing the different features and user experiences etc. 

Its also worth checking out competitor analytics and keywords to see how you're doing and what you could be doing in terms of App store Optimization (ASO) to improve your discoverability.

More users and more interactions all lead to maximizing your return on your app investment

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6. Collaboration and recommendations across all stakeholders

Too many organisations have all their mobile knowledge in a few key people. That knowledge needs to be available across the organization.

You need accesss to the tools and insights to help your team collaborate as well as understand which steps to take to succeed with mobile, while following the path laid by the organization. 

The AppBoard addresses exactly this problems, helping with;- 

  • app governance/ IT compliance
  • accelerating your mobile transformation


Check out more details on the AppBoard, our award winning Mobile Workflow Manager.

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