9 key steps to increasing app downloads by up to 200%

We regularly update our app, yes we have our own app ;)

ExiCalc was built to help users choose the right features for their own app and get an estimate of the cost.

We take our customers through 9 key steps to help increase discoverability and conversion of their apps. We decided to show you how it works with our own app. 

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1. App Name

The best app names include your brand and the function of the app. Keep it straight foward and short. We couldn't fit "Exicon's App Calculator" so we went for ExiCalc.

2. Screen shots

These are crucial. You should use as many as you can to illustrate the funcationality of your app (the number of times I see 1 screenshot and that is the login page - don't do that!).

Make them clear, large and then annotate - highlight the value you're trying to bring across with that page.

Remember these will be viewed on mobile too so make them legible. 

3. Video

If you have a video describing your product or service use it! Potential users love video. Remember they might be on mobile and in public so don't rely on audio.

We are updating our video so will include it for the next upgrade.

4. Ratings

There are simple tools to help you encourage users to leave ratings. Positive ratings are very powerful in encouraging potential users to download the app. Think conversion!

5. Reviews

Tied together with ratings, again these help convert potential users, think of this like "Word of Mouth"

The other powerful benefit of user reviews is that they tell you exactly what they like, what they want and what you need to fix... quickly! Its basically a very public focus group. 

STARBUCKS App - Take a look a the reviews here. Get a pretty clear idea on what you should be working on, right?

6. Versions

Evolving your app with updates is key to keeping your users engaged. It also tells them that you are listening which makes users much more forgiving. Tell your users what has been updated. Keep evolving the app rapidly. 

7. Description

Keep it tight. Remember users are on the go and attention is difficult to hold. Bring your point across fast.

It is critical to choose keywords that people are likely to search for when looking for your product, brand or service. This is the key discovery mechanism on the stores. 

You should also describe what you've changed in the app when you publish a new version

8. Category

This is a little tricky as every store uses different categories. There may be an obvious one for your app - for our app which is a calculator to help define and price an app we felt that "Utilities" was pretty obvious.

9. Icon

Keep it big and simple. Dont' worry about the details. Users won't notice or see it if it's too small. Remember it's on a 3 square inch or 9cm screen.

Make sure that it is recognisable by those who know your brand though e.g. logo, include your name or at least your corporate colors. 

Here is ours - our logo


Paying attention to these components increases the discovery of your app, its called App Store OptimizationASO. And keep improving, bit by bit so you can:- 

  • Get discovered
  • Increase app downloads
  • Track the performance of your app

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