All your app data, all in one place with the AppBoard

One pain point we kept hearing about was that, although we brought all the data into one dashboard, from different app stores and different in-app analytics providers, that there was no way to collate the information, except to download the data using the CSV functionality and then aggregating it. 

Over and over again we heard "How can I aggregate all of my app metrics into one dashboard".


So we listened.

Go onto the AppBoard today and you’ll see 3 default groups which aggregates all your app store analytics and in-app analytics data for your app portfolio.

  1. All the data for all of your apps
  2. All of the data for all of your Android apps on GooglePlay
  3. All of the data for all of your apps on iTunes.
  4. Basically all the analytics of mobile


Within those groups you’ll also be able to see the apps ranked for downloads, as well as by country.

What we’re also working on (watch this space, it is imminent) is “Customised groups” which allows you to choose the apps that you would like to aggregate so that you can see data for apps within specific countries or lines of business, or however makes sense for you to aggregate the data e.g. catalogues.


Our beta testers have already told us that is saving them a huge amount of time and that it really is the best tool for mobile app analytics. Mission Control for mobile.

Keep the suggestions coming. We want to know what else you need, so tell us

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