AppCycle 3.0: Step 1/4 in building your next great app

Validate your proposition and designs

Your investment in this phase allows you to test whether your potential audience perceives the benefit of your offering and that your value proposition is correct: it allows you to crystalize your message: and as a result you can be more confident about your specification and requirements before you go to build.


Gate Zero is a bit like an insurance policy to protect you from developing what nobody wants. 

Defining your objectives and target audience is critical to building a succesful app. You can find out more in our free whitepaper.

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Based on your objectives, it's key to test and validate some of your designs and copy to confirm the value of your app/bot. We call this phase dark testing and you gain real market data.

Taking your contextual observations you can add a mix of

  • Online and Offline surveys
  • User Persona testing
  • Competitive analysis 
  • Journey mapping

This gives you the feedback to then optimize your messaging, visuals and UX before you kick off with the next step.

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