Augmented Reality app for your next trip

Instead of looking a boring map when you're traveling this

Detect and promote events or nice scenes around you (AR) Augmented reality app, Omotenashi Guide (Translation "town in your hand", gives you a tour with a "radar" and some AR fun).

A travel app which guides you through an enriched travel experience.


Provides tours to different Japanese spots while cooperating with other organisations to promote Japanese culture.

Why we love it:

  1. Navigate your way simply with a cool radar (a bit slow when you start the app the first time)
  2. Be constantly surprised as "stamps" appear as your travel the routes.
  3. Add your own "spin" on your experience with AR characters. Snap away!
  4. Discover new things while having a lot of fun

What they claim to do:

  1. Recommends different journeys in Japan
  2. Information on different tourist spots in Japan (including the related ranking)
  3. Important information about hotels, hospitals, events and festivals
  4. Detect and promote events and views around you

AppStore: Google Play: ★★★ , iTunes: ★★★ 

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Source: Augmented Reality Travel app

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