Baidu analytics for in-app data in China

Those of you familiar with the Apps Porfolio in the Digital Portfolio Manager know that we are making it our mission to bring you everything you need to be successful with mobile.

A core part of that mission is to make sure that you have all the intelligence about your apps in one place, both in-app and appstore analytics, across your portfolio, and that means creating the best tool for mobile app analytics.


Flurry and Google Analytics have been integrated already but China is a whole different ballgame so it is huge for us to be able to announce that Baidu Analytics for China has been integrated too. 

 A few little things you may not know about China and the world of apps. 

1. Before you ask are there other appstores than Googleplay? Let me tell you, there are hundreds of appstores in China targeting China app users.

2. They require manual submission (unless you work with a partner like Exicon) - Getting in front of mobile users when everyone is in the same appstore.

3. The Chinese Government is not a fan of Google so Google Play and Google Analytics can't do for you what they do in other countries, you need alternatives.

4. Chinese analytics providers do not have a nice little "plug" (also known as an API) that you can connect to like Google Analytics or Flurry.

5. Unlike in a lot of countries where this kind of data "plug" is publicly available and very detailed, in China, even if they are available, you may have to request access to their documentation.

6. And even when you have the documentation there can be issues with the presentation, format and language of that information.


So hopefully now I have made it clear why getting Baidu in-app analytics for China integrated into our AppBoard is such a huge deal. Now we feel that we can bring you the best mobile app analytics including the best in app analytics.

We're very excited and can't wait to get more of you using it!

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