Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2016

After sitting out last year, I attempted the pilgrimage back to MWC this year.

It's grown.....100K+ attendees this year and yet it's still a place to get business kicked off and it will save you a good number of business trips in addition to the dinners, parties and of course networking.

Virtual Reality, Networking Services or API's, 5G and the Internet of Things with Industries were my key takeaways.



1. Virtual Reality

It's not about the handset anymore, it's about VR headsets. The picture of the show

VR is going big.


- Facebook anounced streaming technolgy for 360-Videos and the Xbox One will come with the Oculus Rift.

- HTC had it's whole booth built around Vive 

- Nokia is back in the consumer electronics business. This time with the OZO.

For me this was the winner of the show. At US$ 60K this is still targeted at professionals. It's only a matter of time for the cost to come down and at the same time gives the technology team time to solve the problem of the device overheating.

You see the gear in the backdrop. It's a Nokia phone with the OZO chip in it. Every 30mins or so the booth staff had to change the device so that it could recover from overheating.

This is the next GoPro...combined with 360-video streaming....this'll be a game changer on so many levels.



2. API's and services

A lot of operators and technology providers were showcasing developer portals, SDK's and access to their data through API's.

Love the new terminology for API's in the context of mobile apps "Feature as a Service" credit to Stefan Bielau at Dynamo Partners for bringing that up.

One thing for sure though is the cost of acquiring developers has grown and is going to continue to grow significantly.


3.  In pursuit of the Enterprise and Industries with IoT

With the connected car, all sorts of devices and the industrial internet, the need for expertise and product managers is also growing at the telecom providers, technology and software vendors and at the enterprise.

(source: Industrial Internet Insights Report, 2015)

The need to understand software, hardware, connectivity, API's, developer communities, tools are all going to drive the rest of this decade if not the rest of the century.

The right people to help any of these organiztion build, manage, measure and engage ecosystems to support the Internet of Things or Industrial internet is going to be a key focus at the leadership and boards of alot of companies.

A quiet piece of news though, that caught my attention was that Ericsson reduced it's forecast of cellular connected devices to 1B from 20B. Yes 20B....It'll still be 30B connected devices by 2020, but 

Hey either way it's way better than McKinsey's forecast for mobile phone adoption of 900K users by 2010 ...... 


4. 5G - what's that about? 

Is it optimizing spectrum, increasing capacity, increasing speads of transmission? Who knows really and no one could give you a straight consistent answer.

One thing is for sure that a lot of devices, phones, and people are going to be connecting over the network to each other or even to some data center. Both speed and capacity are going to be relevant.


5. Apps, Mobile marketing and profiling

Enterprise need services.... They want to hire people or companies to do all the work


SEO -> ASO  agencies need that


Paid search -> deeplinking


Mobile advertising -> CPI (and all of it goes to social media companies)


Apps -> API


OS as the platform -> Messaging as the platform



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Lastly here some pictures of Barcelona. It's a beautiful city and insteady of taking taxis or going to the gym i managed to walk some 16km every day through the city. Here some images from the various walks.

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