Buying into Big Data

The internet of things and the proliferation of devices is creating huge amounts of data. Data that people are struggling to work out what to do with.

Not only is there more data but, as the sources of data increase as well as the interconnectedness, so too does the complexity.  


Richard Lord of The Peak magazine, has just written an article "Buying into Big Data" about balancing the need for managing big data with some of the factors affecting investment decisions around data. 

Stefan Rust, our co-founder and CEO had some choice points to add to the article including the quote above. After all our Mobile Workflow Management Platform is all about giving you the tools to use the business intelligence we can provide you.

The long and the short of the article (assuming that I read it right) is that big data is going to be ubiquitous, only the "informed" will survive, so fight your conservative tendencies and get involved! 

(There was a lot more too it but you get the picture. And, if not, go check out the magazine!)

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