CAD pockets app lets you design anytime, anywhere


This handy productivity app is your brilliant design toolbox.


Create, review and share your floor plan in one go.

The CAD pockets apps is a powerful mobile CAD app tailor-made for designers, architects and engineers.


Why we love it:

  1. It's more than a reader, you can revise, markup (even with your voice), export files into different formats and share with your colleagues.

  2. Create floor plan designs simply using drag & drop with multi-touch operations for zooming, panning and snapping.

  3. It allows you to sync your files to the cloud and keeps your local files updated in real time. For offline usage, you can even view files that have been downloaded to your cloud drive without access to the Internet.



 What they claim to do:

  1.  Support both 2D and 3D DWG/DXF/DWF files and instantly open files without any lag.
  2.  Supports CAD annotating functions like Revision cloud, Dimension, Image and Voice.
  3.  Supports auto cache for remote CAD files, which allows users to open and delete them offline.
  4. Avoids the chore of carrying clumsy laptops or paper drawings.


Ratings: Google Play: ★★★★½    iTunes: ★★★★★


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Source: CAD Pockets

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