Digital transformation, AI and Platforms; Nuggets from WEF in Davos

It's all about the platform.

Developers engage with your tools, or as the industry calls them APIs, to access compute resources and data with their creativity to create applications which in turn maximize the value and utilization of those resources.

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Developers are not necessarily the guys in a garage, but can also be the developers at your companies customers or partners (supplier, distributor, integrator etc) or may also be internal development resources from another business unit or department or geographical location.

Given that GE manages 1/3 of the worlds electricity just imagine the amount of productivity that can be released to get better performance of existing assets.

Check out This is where GE is providing their tools and making their data available to developers

Another interesting panel at WEF was around Artificial Intelligence.

2 extracts, again about 1' minute each really stood out.

Ginni Rometti Chairperson and CEO at IBM talks about exposing "cognitive" Watson tools to developers and companies for their data and utilize IBM compute resources (hardware and software) leveraging "Watson's AI" to increase the utility and productivity of that data (vs. just the 2% as per the previous clip) 

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talks about how they expose their Emotion AI which an internal developer from one of their teams in another country tapped into.

This is the result, an emotion sensing pair of glasses for which Microsoft have been awarded a patent

2 things from this blog

1. AI is available to everyone, maybe with a fee, but it's there as a Service....AIaaS

2. Companies will transform into platforms enabling others to use their own creativity and maximize the data incorpating the service into an application.

We want to help you provide that visibility on how apps, apis and developers interconnect. Call us and we'd like to see how we can help you.

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