Scanning apps for Zara, Tesco, EasyJet and more

Smartphones are killing cameras. 


And while there was a little improvement in "health" of the camera industry with the proliferation of digital cameras it didn't last long. But what's next?

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In addition to taking pictures and video, now we are seeing the increasing adoption of the scanner in apps.

Here you can see 8 of our favourite scanning apps focused on utility, designed to save you time and effort inputting data and searching:

EasyJet App

Manage your flights all from the palm of your hand. Find out more








Tesco Grocery App

Do your grocery shopping easily from your Tesco app. Find out more 







Shopwell App

Make sure the items you buy fit your dietary needs or allergies or find smarter options with this healthcare app. Find out more


Expensify App

Expense app to streamline employee expense reports, expense approval, and integration to your accounting package. Find out more 

MyFitnessPal App

Take off those extra pounds quickly and easily by tracking your food intake. Find out more


















Zara App

Buy the latest trends with a handy scan-to-find feature in this clothes shopping app. Find out more








Fixed Car Parking Ticket App

Get those annoying speeding, red light, stop sign and parking tickets overturned with this app. Find out more 

CareZone App

Manage medications and healthcare for you and your loved ones. Find out more



Wondering if you should use scanning in your apps? Use our templates to help you decide.

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