How much does a chatbot cost? How much does an app cost?

Exicon's Calc is the first step to making your app or chat bot idea a reality.


Learn what features you might consider when building an app or chat bot.

Get an estimate of what it costs to build an app or speak to an expert who can help you.

When/if you’re ready, we’ll find the right app developers and chat bot developers to build your app or chat bot, wherever you are in the world.


What the Exicon Calc does:

  1. Provides options on features you want to build your app; devices, login, features, analytics and localization. 
  2. Provides an estimate on the app development costs for your app and suggestions for a chatbot
  3. In the App you can name your projects and save your estimates which you can check at anytime
  4. On all platforms submit your estimate to find an app or bot developer from our network of 3000 companies that suit your project.   

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