Increase app downloads by being in the right appstores

As we have explained before getting your Android app onto multiple stores helps drive downloads. In fact, it is estimated that each store can increase app downloads by 20% up to a maximum of 200% (OnePlatform). 

But its a pain having to submit the information that is needed by each store which is why we built a single form to allow you to submit once and we distribute to many on your behalf.


Now we have gone a step further and are actually simplifying things even more, updating the workflow but also auto-populating the key information you already filled in, straight from Google Play.

Submit once, distribute to many, including China stores so you can reach your China app users.

So now you can stop worrying "how can I distribute my apps onto multiple appstores?", now you just have to think about which stores you want to target to increase downloads. And if you need help deciding which stores to distribute to check out this infographic of the top Android appstores and marketplaces.


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