Innovation pivots on the CEO

Inertia is going to hit a lot of businesses unless they start transforming as the internet already accounts for an average of 5.3% of GDP (up from 4.1% in 2010) 

The internet now means mobile!

And, in case you're still wondering, on mobile apps rule.

ut look at the results of a survey across 150 senior business executives by Squiz,

- 56% of business leaders admitted to not having a mobile app or mobile web

- 65% of respondents believe it to be ‘very’ or ‘somewhat important’

- Only 28% of respondents are planning to invest in mobile next year despite identifying the biggest drivers as

- improved Customer Experience (CX) (21%)

- increased audience reach (17%)

- more targeted communications (14%)

Some of the biggest challenges are seen as technical skills (19%), budget (17%), and time (11%). 


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However, the main reason cited for not investing more heavily online was that, without a mandate for change set by the CEO, all the executives face huge internal constraints to successfully going digital.

There is a lot at stake. The top 5 companies in the world by market cap are all technology giants.

And technology companies are moving into multiple different industries. 

There is some $40TN in value that they are going after.

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Put your $2TN investment in IT to good use.

Make sure you work with qualified software development professionals with the right design skills to build for the mobile generation.

Let us help you inject innovation into your organization. 


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