New and Improved UX for the AppBoard

I was a tech conference recently and Don Scheibenreif (@donscheibenreif), the Gartner Analyst, was talking about Customer Engagement and was describing how AirBnB had failed a number of times and couldn’t work out why they weren’t getting the traction that they were expecting.

Eventually they “twigged” that the poor quality photos were the obstacle so they redesigned the whole host on-boarding experience to make sure that the listings properly reflected what was on offer. The rest, as they say, is history.

So we have been working on improving the UX for our Mobile workflow management customers too.

 We’ve been focusing on a few different aspects of the UX

  1. Response times - we are now presenting data 20-30% faster per page than competitors
  2. Increasing the navigation in-page to take you directly to the next action rather than requiring you to go back to the left-hand navigation. And this is based on mobile best practices.
  3. We’re hopeful that, if that works, that we’ll be able to remove the entire navigation on the left, instead continuing to guide you naturally along the workflow of an individual app while also easily allowing you to get to your portfolio intelligence quickly, thereby creating one of the best tools for managing apps and ensure you are winning in mobile. 


We'd love to get your feedback so let us know what you think.


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