ParcelTrack - All your deliveries in one app

Logistics app: Tracking freight deliveries has never been so easy. 


One App to track all of your packages and shipments. 

Why we love it:

  1. Simple & clean design - Honestly, first impression are more important than you think.
  2. Start your experience with a single scan of your shipment barcode or supply your tracking number.
  3. Integrated with more than 50 delivery services - stop switching between apps now!
  4. Provides live tracking via GPS which lets you know the current states of your freights.


What they claim to do:

  1.  Provides free push notifications - reminds you to pick up your packages
  2.  Forwards delivery notifications from online shops automatically to a tracking inbox - No need to enter long tracking numbers by hand and keeps you up to date.
  3. Provides deliveries archive - you can check your delivery history whenever you want
  4. Provides 'Who has my package' information - Smart enough to know if the shipment has been left with your neighbour. 



A great delivery tracking app without ads but some of the functions will only be provided in the premium version. Give it try!


Ratings: Google Play: ★★★★½     iTunes: ★★★★★


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