So I have an app, now what's mobile app engagement?

With more than 3 million apps on the top 5 international app stores, you want to make sure your app gets discovered, and the users you're targeting know about your app. How? Follow the next 4 steps to understand how to drive mobile downloads. 

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The first step to promote your app is ensuring it’s on all the relevant app stores. App distribution is, especially for your Android users, is crucial as they don't all use GooglePlay. For each additional app store you add your apps to you can increase your number of downloads by up to 20% (One Platform Foundation)

[Source: Statistics]


There are 100+ top Android appstores, app affiliate networks, and directories, just a few examples - Opera Mobile Store, Samsung Apps, Yandex,, Qihoo 360, Wandoujia, and many many more. (Download the Top Android Appstores and marketplaces Infographic)



Make sure your users know about your app and can find it when they actually get to the stores.

 Ensure discoverability with simple & clear screenshots, tight documentation, relevant keywords, and maybe even a video

 Creative in-app targeted advertising in the apps themselves to promote user engagement, you may also choose to use messaging as an alternative.

 QR codes, buttons on other collateral etc in order to drive downloads and installs

What is ASO? Find out more about how to get your app discovered.

E-book: Increasing app downloads - Part 1



Thirdly, measure what's working and what's not. You'll want to considering a number of things, including how to measure app engagement and downloads, session times and uninstalls etc., in order to evaluate how you might improve the user experience and engagement so you can continually refine your mobile solution. 

You should be considering the following;-

  • App store analytics
  • In-app analytics
  • Competitor app analytics

Read more about what to measure.



This point is key to optimizing your investment : Supporting and Extending your applications.

Using proof points from your analytics can inform your improvements and optimizations which could include:
 Notifications, gamification and alerts to drive engagement
 Migration to single purpose applications
 Increase or reduce features and capabilities
 End of Life the apps that aren't working to save maintenance and better your reputation
 Geographical expansion into other markets
 Transfer your app onto alternative platforms such as a watch, glasses, or even your car

Hopefully this gives you some insight into what you should start planning while your app is in development to increase app downloads and mobile app engagement.

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