SwiftKey Keyboard app - A keyboard that adapts to your typing habits.

Productivity app - smart keyboard that learns from you.


Write with a swipe - reduce your keystrokes and make a more seamless mobile experience.

Why we love it:

Mobile is increasingly being used for tasks that used to be reserved for computers. In 10 countries google searches through mobile surpassed those on computers (including the US and Japan) [1]. Therefore, it’s imperative that using these devices is simple. 

  1. This keyboard allows for simplicity and fluidity in typing:
    1. enables greater audiences to feel comfortable typing on their mobile devices.
  2. It allows for more universal mobile usage:
    1. Many users find the keys too small - often hit the incorrect key or have their words frustratingly replaced by autocorrect [2]. SwiftKey is an ideal solution to this problem. 

[1] https://adwords.googleblog.com/2015/05/building-for-next-moment.html

[2] https://www.technologyreview.com/s/514256/two-ways-to-fix-the-typing-on-touch-screens-problem/


What they claim to do:

  1. Type less with logical prediction of your next word.
  2. Type more accurately with an autocorrect that is constantly learning and improving.
  3. Provides multiple ways of typing by allowing you to slide between letters.
  4. Switch between languages without any setting adjustments.
  5. Integrate emojis into your typing by including emojis in its predictions.



The more you use the keyboard the more it learns your natural tendencies and adjusts to them resulting in a keyboard that is perfectly catered to your needs.


Ratings: Google Play: ★★★★½     iTunes: ★★★★½


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