Take away from CES 2017

As Bitcoin blew past the $1,000 mark (it's since come back to $900) CES kicked off in Las Vegas. 

As the world's largest consumer electronics show and first big event of the year, there are always key threads, trends that carry forward. Here is our take...HEALTH & FITNESS

Lots of wearables and fitness monitoring at CES this year.

Maybe it's because it's around the New Year? This trend graph is using the search word Fitbit

Fischer Price Toys starting children young, getting them on "home trainers" early ... check this out.

Fitbit, anounced a number of new products and showcased integrations with Virzoom for virtual reality gaming, Pelotona revolutionary indoor bike and Habit for personalizing your nutrition. Find out more 

Peloton also anounced taking their immersive fitness bike into commercial gyms Link



Future Faraday showed off one of the fastest electric cars and demo'd self parking with the first car for sale at the end of next year.

Ford revealed of 7 of it's upcoming 13 electric cars from SUVs to pick up trucks. Link

Toyota showed off their artificial intelligent concept car with voice recognition. Link

See how this self balancing and ride assist motorbike from Honda defies gravity

VR is definitely coming but there is significant compute power required to feed these devices

ODG(a dutch company)'s VR headset got all the buzz. This is the company supplying the technology to Microsoft for their Hololens

 Voice activation

The battle is on in this category. 

Samsung acquired Viv, Facebook have M and Nokia is back in the game announcing Viki Link.

Developer adoption is going to be a key to success and it seems Amazon with Alexa is getting the most traction. Link 

Platform as a Service

As goods become information rich, they lose their characteristics of products and turn into services. These goods provide a continuously growing firehose of information. Companies are now looking to establish themselves as a platform, and integrate this information with developers and their apps to better serve their customers while increasing the awareness for their brand or product.

Here an example of "works with fitbit"

Even Ohmibod invited developers to make cybersexy apps for their "intimacy products" Link

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