The Deathride and the T-shirt


Once upon a time there was a crazily-busy CEO of a Developer platform tech start-up, Exicon.


And he was a great sportsman. Nothing particularly unusual there, lots of CEOs also are successful sports people. But now this CEO, Stefan Rust, has decided that a silver medal at the World Masters Swimming Championships just isn’t enough.

He needs to push further, he needs to feel more pain, he needs to show us, Exicon, his team, that we can achieve anything we set our minds to so now he’s focusing on the “DeathRide” - well that’s what he tells us. We suspect it might be that he actually wants the T-shirt.

Next weekend, 9th July, Stefan is going to do 5 Californian mountains, 15,000 feet of elevation and 200kms on a bike.

So he’s been pretty much back to back in meetings the last week and will be until hours of the race start, getting in his training at times that most of us are still asleep.

Stefan’s doing the ride in the name of Mother’s Choice, a great organization that cares for children without families and girls facing crisis pregnancies. In addition to the money he is donating directly he is asking for people to check out the work they do and would be honoured if you would donate too. If you are interested their page is here.




His gorgeous goddaughter, Saoirse, was fabulously looked after by the wonderful folks there so he’s going to be cycling to raise money to support their work.

You can follow Stefan here and here.


And don’t worry, we’ll make sure to post a picture of the real T-shirt with him it;)

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