UBS Innovative Disruptive Technology CEO Summit

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Cloud has brought down the cost of computing. It has also allowed technology to be made available to anyone.

Mobile is bringing the power of the computer and internet to every hand, at any time, all the time.

The two combined are enabling the “app-ification" of innovative solutions where anyone can use technology. Check out this infographic

Innovation comes from emerging companies challenging big industry, using technology as a competitive advantage.

Disruption is happening because of the lack of change and inertia in incumbent, established businesses and their respective industries.

Taking advantage of data and technologies enables significant efficiencies and much higher utilitization of resources and assets.

 Human capital is a key asset, and developers, bringing “out of the box” thinking, introducing different perspectives, are key ingredients to driving the change.

Marketing solutions as innovative technologies rather than focus on their disruptive nature is an important factor as companies go from startup to growth stage to clear industry disruptors.

For companies to maintain innovative, they must allocate resources, as a percentage of sales, to new projects and, at the same time, be willing to challenge their existing businesses or even replace them - a very scary concept.

But remember, if you don’t change, some one will change it for you.

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