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Don't you hate having to work out what a product is going to cost you? 

As a company we use a lot of SaaS products for accounting, expenses, marketing automation, storage, authentication, webex services etc.

The reason that we chose the various solutions we did, or why we took so long to make a decision, was the lack of transparency about what we would be actually be paying from some providers.

A lack of transparency meant having to work with a sales person to calculate what we would really be paying or having to try to understand what variables we'd have to monitor closely to avoid any big "surprises".

 Well, we decided that we should be offering simplicity and transparency for our own platform, "The AppBoard - Mission Control for Mobile", so here's our pricing. 

3 packages - all of them having unlimited apps, unlimited users and unlimited app Store accounts. You get to see what app managment tools you are signing up for and choose the package you want. 

Now, obviously, if you are an enterprise and want some customisation of your tools for mobile management then we'll work with you to give you a fixed price that takes into account the "length of string" you need but you'll still have unlimited apps, unlimited users and be able to connect unlimited appstore accounts. 

"You've opened the Pandora's box"  accrording to an industry insider, but we want to offer the economies of scale in SaaS to our customers and we also like the old saying "Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Unlimited apps, Unlimited users, Unlimited appstore accounts. 

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