When bad apps become a branding nightmare

The Government of Hong Kong had a bad day last week, a nice big article on the fact that they have invested some US$ 5M in mobile and created lots of "unpopular" apps.

That's a nice way of putting it.


Some apps have over 5M downloads, which in a market of 7+M people is impressive, but the average across all 127 apps is fewer than 20 all time downloads each. Ouch.

Just to be clear, having lots of apps isn't a problem unique to the Hong Kong Government. Managing a large portfolio of apps is a lot more common than you think.

Let's take a look at just the financial services sector where companies like Standard Chartered have close to 60 Apps, AIA has over 45 apps, AXA has some 38 apps and so on.

You'll find that the average stats and performance metrics are not too dissimilar.

Most large hotel chains have over 25 apps, large car companies over 200 apps, and some of our customers have 450. This trends is being experienced across all industry verticals.

OK, not all of them are going to be your Angry Birds or Whatsapp and get the same number of downloads, but the mobile app objectives are to be engaging to a specific type of user e.g. employee, supplier, customer etc. 

What is quite an eye-opener is that most of the companies aren’t aware of even half of their own apps. 

Are you sure it isn’t happening to you?

Back to the Hong Kong Government, they have launched over 127 apps from 36 different government departments. You don't need to be an auditor to work out that this is a disaster waiting to happen.  

This is exactly why we built our award winning AppBoard. Gartner is even creating a new category for our product "Mobile Workflow Management" 

6 Key Objectives behind Mobile Workflow Management

  1. Anyone should be able to build an app 
  2. Good UX and quality code with the right developers so you can scale 
  3. Security and Consistency
  4. Access to your app meta data
  5. Discoverability and Engagement for your app
  6. Collaboration and recommendations across all stakeholders

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