You can use VR apps to promote almost anything!

What would come to mind if you'd been asked to promote a ferris wheel?

Free rides for the first few days? Some kind of loyalty programme where if you spend $X then you can win a ride on the wheel?

...lack of innovation? Nothing new?

How about VR (Virtual Reality), one of the new top mobile trends or at least fads? Would you consider making that part of your mobile app strategy?

There was an opening event held to promote the Red Horse Osaka Wheel at Marumie Plaza (マルミエプラザ), Expocity and the Exicon Japan team (specifically me and Apter) went to explore further.

We were obviously in the 2nd largest group in the pie chart below becuase a lot of people were motivated to try VR as they were at the event. 

Actually, the event wasn't actually showing the wheel at all, but letting you experience VR, using your sight and auditory senses; it included a roller coaster (Yes, It's exciting!) , scuba diving and the 'marumie (マルミエ) - a 360º view of the Osaka Wheel etc.

(you can try the VR cardboard with their app when you're waiting in line)

Apter and I tried the most exciting of the lot, the roller coaster. Although you are sitting on a chair, it felt like we were flying through the air.

"I'm an acrophobic, heights terrify me; I can't even imagine managing to sit on a ferris wheel or roller coaster so this was a good experience for me. (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)" said Apter.

That's all? 

Want more? You can actually download their Marumie Plaza (マルミエプラザ) app and, using their VR content, you can explore more Japan tourist spots.

P.S. You can get a ¥1,000 discount from the shop with the app coupon.

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More Information: Consumers In Japan Are Skeptical, but Curious, About Virtual Reality

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