Amazon gets its own hilarious skit on 'SNL' for the Amazon Echo Silver. Is the idea crazy?

Sometimes the hottest new technology and artificial intelligence isn't always easy to build for senior citizens. Heck, even asking Siri who David Hasselhoff is can get unexpected search results on Google. But on the episode of "Saturday Night Live" this past weekend, Amazon was featured in a parody with its product, "Amazon Echo Silver -- For The Greatest Generation." Too bad it isn't the real deal, I'm sure my grandparents would love this kind of technology.

For those of you who don't know what Amazon Echo is, it is a smart speaker that is essentially a voice controlled personal assistant. It can help you make to-do lists, play music, and provide weather or traffic information with just one "wake" word, Alexa.

With the new Amazon Echo Silver, an elderly person can interact with this smart speaker by calling out any name that is similar to "Alexa". You didn't hear the answer to your question? No problem, it will repeat the answers again and again, just in case you forget what you asked.

Pretty funny right? However, the idea is not entirely crazy. The evolution of technology moves so fast. Faster than humans can adapt and take full advantage of it.

Do you remember the term, "virtual reality"? Oh wait, that's still around isn't it? The concept of virtual reality began as early as the 1950s and the first device was built in 1968 by Ivan Sutherland and Bob Sproull. The experience still lacked realism, and it was too heavy to be worn by the user regularly. Is that still the case today? Well... I don't see many people walking about with virtual reality goggles just yet.


The first step of developing good technology is ensuring that it makes our lives easier. Everyone deserves the opportunity to take advantage of it, beit their age, gender, social status or education. Maybe one day Amazon really will develop a product for our senior citizens!

Watch the skit below:

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