Estée Lauder

Could a beauty products line re-invent their delivery process to reduce their reliance on a centralized warehouse and high-end distribution outlets while delivering a better level of service, all through mobile? 


A well-known French beauty conglomerate was looking to:

- Reach customer more cost efficiently in high retail cost of floor cities

- Engage with the end customer at every point of the user journey

- Improve the customer experience and service level


Exicon defined a process for ordering, collection, delivery to office or home, payment, returns and full integration with the back-end systems e.g. CRM, finance, inventory. Exicon also used its API directory to support the client with an analysis of the best APIs from payment providers for the target markets.

This process was documented and the business requirements and functional specifications developed. Via our platform the client was then matched with a local developer best suited to the requirements and familiar with the relevant APIs.

Exicon’s team project managed the whole project through to the completion of the proof-of-concept application.


Within 3 months a mobile exhibition concept, distribution model and mobile proof-of concept was delivered. The model allowed us to improve customer convenience and encourage up selling opportunities from with the application. The proof-of-concept was then passed to the client’s systems integrator for global trials in tier 1 cities where the cost of floor space in retail outlets is crushing margins.