Given that locally relevant content can drive downloads, how could an international handset manufacturer help drive the sales of their devices in over 20 markets with this information?


- A large European appstore operator needed to identify

- How to add value to their customers through apps

- Which apps they should target

- In 20 markets


Having confirmed the target demographics for the company as a whole as well as any individual market specifics, Exicon set up teams to approach all 20 markets.

Using our network of qualified developers and a network of global researchers we were able to define the top 5 brands in each category, local and international by category.

A review was then undertaken to establish which the mobile status of the brands.


The client received a list of target brands, by market with a break down of which brands had applications on the client platform and the associated developers, which brands had applications on alternative platforms and which would need to be encouraged to build applications. 

“Locally relevant content increased downloads by up to 30% in some cases”