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Our process is an organized framework that transforms and responds to your needs.

The App Cycle is the result of 9 years of expertise in design, mobile development and project management for all our customers.

The App Cycle



Gate Zero is the planning and preparation phase for your app or bot, before you go into development which is much more costly.

Your investment in this phase allows you to test whether your potential audience perceives the benefit of your offering and that your value proposition is correct: it allows you to crystalize your message: and as a result you can be more confident about your specification and requirements before you go to build.

Gate Zero is a bit like an insurance policy to protect you from developing what nobody wants. 

Defining your objectives and target audience is critical to building a successful app. You can find out more in our free white paper.

Download your  "5 steps to defining your app" kit

Based on your objectives, it's key to test and validate some of your designs and copy to confirm the value of your app/bot. We call this phase dark testing and you gain real market data.

Taking your contextual observations you can add a mix of

  • Online and Offline surveys
  • User Persona testing
  • Competitive analysis 
  • Journey mapping

This gives you the feedback to then optimize your messaging, visuals and UX before you kick off with the next step.



In this second phase of Gate Zero the goal is to get to a clickable protoype going on the mobile device for user testing. In our experience there may be 2 or 3 iterations.

Now its important to get feedback from your target audience. It is always tempting to get your mates to check it out or to use yourself as the guinea pig, try to use a potential user instead. It is amazing what you'll miss.

Once you've got feedback and you have a good feel for your app you can now decide whether or not to proceed with the actual development and start integrating the services you need.

Our developer partners at DMI estimate that, 

"The cost of making mistakes up front or during development is 100 times less than after development is complete." 

Isn't it worth testing your concepts properly before you go to market?


The App Cycle

The App Cycle



Coming soon

You can read more on our blog



Coming soon

You can read more on our blog.


The App Cycle