Sony Ericsson


When you have a network of developers that numbers in the millions, but they aren’t producing the applications that you need to enhance the value of your products how do change that? Particularly when your Database allows you no insight into who they are or what they have developed.


A global handset manufacturer was launching new devices and was looking for great applications in advance of their launch.

- Which developers should they work with?

- How could they encourage them to work together?

- How would they spread the message?

- Could they get applications submitted in time on the new platforms? 


Having confirmed the target demographics for the devices Exicon created a list of the top 25 developers in the 22 markets launching the new devices. The developers could work on any platform but had to be developing truly innovative mobile applications.

A value proposition was developed to create a reason for the developers to meet with the clients team as well as the architecture for a fully interactive day in which developers were inspired to start developing applications for the new devices.

Developers were recruited directly by Exicon in each of the markets. The existing submission & acceptance process, and associated analytics were reviewed to assess areas to improve.  


Over 500 developers were introduced to the clients team in a 4 month period in 22 countries. The submission & acceptance process was reduced from 30 days to 5. Almost all applications available at launch were from these new developers.