Standard Chartered

Was it possible to make a real impact in mobile as a bank or was the only alternative to do what the other banks were doing, namely account oversight?


One of the world’s largest retail banks had developed an internal plan for an application. It focused predominantly on “hygiene” factors, that is, the minimum requirement of checking accounts etc. It didn’t add any real customer value that would allow them to differentiate.

Before they spent the time and money on application that would only allow them to play “me-too” they decided to take a step back to see what else they could focus on. 


Exicon reviewed the other areas that the bank could consider in order to achieve substantial benefit – both for the bank and for users.

2 new areas were considered – inter-country remittances and new customer acquisition for those without bank accounts.

Once a strategy was developed Exicon established that there were a number of partners globally with services that could complement. 


The client received a list of target brands, by market with a break down of which they chose to form a partnership for India with one of them in the form of investment

Apps to manage accounts, transfer funds and purchase items

“Mobile Wallet” apps, topped up with cash, enabling them to transfer money wirelessly and make payments within seconds.